Thursday, November 15, 2007

Manager's Style

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Having read an article "Ten commandments of Steve Job" I found it interesting to share my attitude to each clause. So here they are:

  • Never let people know where they stand. - Partially agree
  • You don’t have to hire the best people. - Agree
  • Only promote stupid people. - Disagree
  • Never tell people what is expected of them. - Partially agree
  • A manager should be inconsistent and unpredictable. - Unpredictable - yes, inconsistent - never!
  • No praise. Ever. - Disagree
  • Keep people’s spirits broken. - Disagree!
  • Throw tantrums. - Disagree
  • Don’t speak to employees in elevators. - Why?
  • Start with the ad campaign. - Partially agree

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