Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fine for NOT being PCI DSS Compliant

You know that since companies are constantly at risk of losing sensitive cardholder data, which could result in fines, legal action and bad publicity, achieving compliance with the PCI DSS should be high on the agenda of companies who store, transmit or process credit card data. Furthermore, PCI DSS compliance needs to be achieved by December, 2007 – this is the deadline posed by credit card companies. Organizations that fail to comply face fines of up to $500,000 if the data is lost or stolen and risk not being allowed to handle cardholder data.

Did you know that? I did not. Think many of you too :) Beware! Keep your $500,000 !!!


pci compliance said...

I think PCI DSS and Penetration Testing are all important ! And thank you to give so good idea!

pci compliance said...

I also think the PCI DSS is very imprtant ! Plesase be PCI DSS compliant