Saturday, April 17, 2010

Google Wave Hacked?

I have just read  China's Internet Paradox at MIT Technology Review and thought the topic can be referred to the situation happened with me this morning.

Today I’ve visited the CodeCamp conference in Kyiv. After the greeting words I  had a couple of minutes. I checked my mailbox and found a suspicious letter from my college who was sitting nearby.

The content was:


The message was sent on Saturday at 6.30 a.m.! Furthermore the content was definitely a spam. And finally my college didn't know my private email address (gmail account) as well as private addresses of other recipients of the letter. But!!! All the recipients are subscribed to the same google wave.

The only place how this information could be disclosed is the google address book. And what is the worst the message was found in the sent messages queue of gmail client.

Looks like google had not learned yet it has become a pawn of a big game.

Singing: M@ney, m@ney, m@ney

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