Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MS Released Privacy Guidelines for Developing Software Products and Services

The document is a set of privacy guidelines for developing software products and services that are based on Microsoft internal guidelines and their experience incorporating privacy into the development process.

Included in This Document:
Basic Concepts and Definitions
Scenario 1: Transferring PII to and from the Customer’s System
Scenario 2: Storing PII on the Customer’s System
Scenario 3: Transferring Anonymous Data from the Customer’s System
Scenario 4: Installing Software on a Customer’s System
Scenario 5: Deploying a Website
Scenario 6: Storing and Processing User Data at the Company
Scenario 7: Transferring User Data Outside the Company
Scenario 8: Interacting with Children
Scenario 9: Server Deployment

You can download the copy from here.

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